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Water Intrusion and Rot Repair

Construction defects on a home that needs repair.


Construction defects reduce the value of your home, and can occur as a result of poor workmanship or the use of low quality building materials. If you've discovered mold, water damage, dry rot, cracks, structural failure, and/or other defects, Revive Exteriors can efficiently help restore your home and reverse the loss of its value. 



An extensive case of dry rot damage on a residential home in Salem, Oregon before repair and siding installation

After correct dry rot repair and new siding installation with Revive Exteriors, this Salem home now looks brand new and is properly weather resistant

Dry rot on homes in Tualatin, OR

Incorrect sequencing of a weather resistant barrier and waterproofing materials caused severe damage to these Tualatin homes. Revive Exteriors repaired and resided these homes with proper sequencing.

Before and After

Water intrusion and dry rot repair in West Salem OR

revive exteriors house siding repair.jpg

Dry Rot and Water Intrusion Repair in Portland, OR

This owner was concerned about a leaky window and called us out to access the situation.


We discovered that water has been coming in for some time and has rotted out sheathing and framing members. 

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