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I'll try to make this short and sweet, but I could go on & on about how happy I am to have chosen Revive Exteriors and how smooth our project went!

First of all, Tony is a great communicator, very knowledgeable, and explained everything thoroughly from the get-go. He was readily available and answered my phone calls and texts immediately. He regularly kept us informed and worked with us in every way!
Max and Al were great! They did a fabulous job, were dependable, and didn't drag it out. The roofing crew came and got the job done in a few days w/o leaving a trace. (Nothing left in my gutters either)

This is my first experience hiring a contractor. I've heard plenty of nightmare stories and this was anything but. They replaced our siding, along with two doors, put on a new roof, and cut in and installed a glass sliding door. My husband and I absolutely love what Revive Exteriors did to our house and we'd recommend them in a heartbeat!!!

- Lauri Christopherson

The Revive Exteriors crew were great to work with. At no time did I feel taken advantage of. If/when we discussed changes, it was open communication and taken care of. I can say with honesty, you get what you pay for. There may be less expensive contractors out there, but what kind of work are you going to get? They took their time and they did it right!

- Jerry Drum

Tony was great to work with. Very honest and fair. His workers are the best!

- Peter Prehn

I hired Revive Exteriors after getting new siding and painting bids from six other siding companies - and it couldn't have been a better decision. Unlike other companies that provided bids, Tony took the time to explain every detail of the job and was happy to educate me when necessary.


Having your home siding done can be daunting, as there really is no effective way of knowing what lurks behind your current siding (think dry rot). While other companies simply stated "extra charges" for resolving any dry rot found, Tony was able to surmise from inspection that there would be little to no dry rot... and he was right on the money. I had to gauge my budget based on his expertise... needless to say I was able to stay within my budget!


The amount of detail the Revive Exteriors crew put into their job left me breathless. I literally could not find one problem with any of the work they performed. These folks aren't simply "workers", they are artists! I spoke with each of his team members and can say these are not men pulled from a "labor ready" office. Each is a professional in his own right and it is apparent that Tony takes good care of them (happy workers means great finished product!).


Even after all was said and done, Tony still took the time to follow-up with me regarding any concerns that I might have. At this point my only concern is for anyone looking for siding work that has not learned of Revive Exteriors. Honest. Professional. Dependable. Cost effective. Patient. All around good people to work with and indeed, a pleasure. Our house never looked better and we have Tony and his fabulous crew to thank for it!

- Grant Lansing

Lake Oswego, OR

I've spent 15 years working in the wood products industry and have built 2 homes. Hands down, Revive Exteriors is the best contractor I have ever worked with. Prior to hiring Revive Exteriors, I researched the company extensively. I spent 5 or 6 weeks talking to Tony the project manager. I drove to 3 of his project sites and checked his work. Tony was always respectful, available, and helpful. I am on an HOA board and we hired Revive Exteriors to replace windows and side a 3 building condominium with HardiePlank. The property was in poor condition and it was a mess of a project with unexpected issues. In addition, Tony had to deal with some very difficult homeowners. Tony rocked it. He is a man of integrity, a rare find these days. I really could not be any happier. His crew is great. The buildings look beautiful. Hire him. You won't regret it.

- C. Barry

West Linn, OR

I appreciate the professionalism and cleanliness of the crew. I was pleased with the quality of work and timeliness of completion. When we need more work done, we will be calling. Thank You!

- M. Curry

We had a great experience with the craftsman, our house siding was perfect!

- The Donoaughs

Very impressed with the professionalism and work ethic of the crew. Would not hesitate to recommend Revive Exteriors to anyone needing to replace their siding. They use the best materials, don't cut corners and their prices are more than competitive with other contractors who offer less services in their bids. 

- Ross Johnson

The Revive Exteriors crew was always prompt and efficient. We have dealt with many contractors over the years and these guys are among the best! They are polite and respond positively to any requests. Their professionalism and courtesy were a breath of fresh air and the great job they did reflected that!

-The Brosys

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