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Expert Tips for Portland Dry Rot Repair

Water damage, mold, and dry rot. It’s a very unpleasant surprise for anyone to find in their home siding. Moisture related problems are common in Oregon and need to be dealt with promptly.

The good news is that you have options with Revive Exteriors, your expert Oregon siding contractor! The key to Portland dry rot repair is finding the right siding plan with a contractor you can trust. 

Find the Source

Before undergoing any siding project, we find the source of the problem. Was it a leaking window seal, failing roof, or just aging siding? Knowing the source gives the homeowner the information they need to make the best decision when it comes to addressing the problem.

Repair or Replacement Options

Revive Exteriors specializes in both siding replacement and siding repairs. If the damage is kept to one area, repairs may be the best option. Or if it is a larger section or more extensive damage, siding replacement may be better in the long run. Don’t worry, we walk you through options and recommendations to save you money and prevent hassle with your project. As you consider Portland dry rot repair or full siding replacement, we help find the best fit for your home.

Looking to find the best siding for your project? Revive Exteriors is a James Hardie® Elite Preferred Member serving Portland, Salem and everywhere in between.

Give us a call 503-569-3042 or contact our team here


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